It’s cold outside, and some parts of the country are huddled up inside away from freezing temperatures and piles of snow. Perfect conditions for Vitamin D deficiency. Most Americans are already low on Vitamin D, and with less sunlight during the winter and storms keeping us in, Vitamin D levels are likely starting to bottom out across the country. Make sure you’re getting enough with Triple Strength Antioxidant.

You can get some Vitamin D from the sun, and that exposure is part of what makes us feel so good during the spring and summer, drawing us outside. But depending on where you live (altitude, and how far from the equator) you may not be getting enough sun even then, at least not without hanging around outside in a bathing suit.

Supplementing with Vitamin D is an important year round strategy for helping mood, immune system, and other important bodily processes.

What are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency? You might be familiar with SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder. Vitamin D is one of the main contributing factors, and even people who just feel down during fall and winter months may just need a little Vitamin D pick me up. Flagging energy is another sign that you’re not getting enough Vitamin D—especially if you’ve made time to catch up on your sleep. Needing more sleep is a symptom of our body or immune system working harder, but the ultimate cause may be illness, or just not having the nutritional building blocks to run properly, like Vitamin D.

Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D and other important nutrients year round with Triple Strength Antioxidant.

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