Tea Ceremony PotsFebruary is just a weekend away, and so begins heart health month. Hopefully, you’re still following your New Year’s Resolution (it’s only been a month!) because most typical resolutions support heart health, whether it’s directly through nutrition and exercise, or indirectly through finding more time to relax and find hobbies or nurture friendships.

If you want to pick up a new habit that supports heart health, why not sit down with a nice cup of tea? Whether you’re reading more or learning a new skill, trying to make more time to decompress, or want to rest after a workout, a cup of tea goes along nicely with it.

Start by picking a healthy tea—our Jiaogulan Tea supports heart health, and is caffeine free. It won’t mess with your food choices, your sleep, or your exercise. Instead, it supports your health with antioxidants, and more. Research suggests that Jiaogulan supports primary and secondary (meaning cardiovascular) heart health, digestion, and balanced health.

While Jiaogulan grows in many East Asian countries, it’s well known in Chinese herbal medicine (used as an herbal tea) and has a long history of use to support health. In areas where it’s commonly used, it’s anecdotally referred to as an herb of long life, because of it’s association with the longevity of the residents!

Whether you already like tea, want to replace an afternoon caffeine/sugar habit that might be contributing to insomnia, eating problems, or more, or need an excuse to carve out a few minutes for yourself for a jump start after lunch, try Jiaogulan. It’s the small daily habits we build that ultimately support our long-term health, and a cup of tea is a very easy place to begin!

Have you tried our Jiaogulan? Share your thoughts in the comments:


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