L-Glutamine is an amino acid that your body generally builds for itself. It’s best known as a tool for body-builders and athletes, since L-Glutamine is a key component in the building and maintenance of muscle. However, the value of L-Glutamine goes far beyond its role in protein synthesis, as it is used in other key processes and benefits all your cells in a way critical for good health.

Maybe the most important health use of L-Glutamine is as an aid for your gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract). Taking L-Glutamine on a daily basis may reduce (or eliminate) ulcers over a few weeks, as well as reinforce your overall gastrointestinal lining so that digestion is improved and stomach problems, such as inflammation or illness caused by a pathogen, is reduced.

Further, L-Glutamine is a source of energy for your body. Your intestines can use this energy to improve your digestive health, or, if you’re ill, activated immune cells can draw on L-Glutamine as an energy source to support your immune system. L-Glutamine also plays an important role in kidney regulation, ensuring a proper chemical balance.
When you’re sick or injured, your body stops making L-Glutamine, and it becomes necessary to get it from dietary sources, most notably meat and dairy products (if you’re vegan you can also find some in wheat, beans, cabbage, spinach, and beets).

Most hospitals will supplement your diet with L-Glutamine, not only because you need it, but because L-Glutamine has been shown to aid in the recovery (with special emphasis on improving digestion). This is a great example of how you are most healthy when you are ensuring that you are meeting all of your nutritional needs.

If you’re recovering at home, make sure that you supplement your immune system with L-Glutamine, just like a hospital would. Supplements are a great way to do this as they ensure that those having trouble with digesting food (or eating at all) will get the amount they need.

Remember, L-Glutamine is an all-natural part of your dietary needs, and so there aren’t any side effects.

Have you ever taken L-Glutamine when you were ill? How did it help you recover?


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