FriendsI have a friend who was having a problem—nothing serious, but inconvenient nonetheless: she had a near constant urge to urinate. She asked her nurse friends. They gave her their best guess, the least serious possibility, then referred her to a doctor—after all, there was still the small chance it could be serious.

Her doctor, of course, ran a few tests, and turned up nothing.

At this point, she complained to me. She had tried changing some of her daily habits, what she drank, etc., to see if she was accidentally doing something to cause it, but to no effect. My suggestion? Try a daily multivitamin. She runs her own business, and isn’t much of a cook—oatmeal, pb & js, take out—those are her staples. That, and whatever is available at work.

For her, at least, it worked. A daily multivitamin is a safety net against gaps in your nutrition. She was eating as healthy as she could, but working long hours there were plenty of days where she must have been falling short.

Your body is managing hundreds of processes constantly. You don’t even have to think about them, but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t working hard.

That’s why it’s so important to take a multivitamin—you need to fuel those processes, or your body has to pick and choose, prioritize what will run smoothly, what will have hiccups. And if you have an unexplained problem? You can’t really hurt yourself by improving your nutrition. Even if it’s not the solution, you’re still supporting your body so it can address the problem better.

While there are plenty of cheap vitamins out there, most of them are unreliable. One study found grocery store quality vitamins had wildly inaccurate labels. Not to mention they use low quality ingredients, fillers, and stearates.

Welltrients has Welltrient One, which is a high quality, carefully thought out multivitamin free of fillers and stearates.

Have you ever fixed a problem by remembering your vitamins?


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