Sick KidMost extreme side-effects are rare, but if you multiply the number of people who are sick, you also multiply the number of people who suffer those extreme side-effects

That’s what seems to be happening with all the kids suffering from respiratory illness. A small number are having severe side-effects: limb numbness, and even paralysis. It’s not just Enterovirus, either. More than half who’ve been tested just had a rhinovirus (the family that includes the common cold).

The CDC is still gathering data and coordinating reports from all the states with respiratory virus outbreaks to confirm the cause, but the simplest explanation is it’s just a rare complication made less rare by the high number of cases.

It’s a bad sign for this cold & flu season. If more people are going to get sick, the risk for people with weakened immune systems will be much higher.

Everyone needs to be more vigilant—more hand washing, more self-awareness about when you feel sick. The key to reducing illness is to first fight transmission and protect each other, and to protect ourselves by supporting our immune systems.

Immune system support includes all the things studies are constantly telling us we need to do more of because they’re so beneficial: sleeping, eating fruits and veggies, giving ourselves mental breaks, and of course, exercising.

And of course you can supplement your immune system support! Colloidal silver is a good addition to your daily routine, and you can stimulate your immune system with Immune PWRx (which features colostrum, the antibody rich first milk that babies get). While some people use one or the other as an occasional supplement, the majority like them so much they become a part of their daily multivitamin regimen!

Are you preparing for this winter?


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