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With many Americans dealing with insomnia, it’s no wonder scientists continue to research ways to naturally help people get a good night’s sleep. You might be able to try some of these at home, and you can pair them with a natural sleep aid like those in our Sleep Support Pack.

Here’s the latest: researchers found that sleeping in a gently swaying bed improved sleep. Participants woke less, had a longer period of deep sleep, and performed better on memory tests the next day. Rigging your own bed to sway might be difficult, but the slight sway in the study might be comparable to a hammock or boat.

If changing where you sleep doesn’t work, try changing the timing. Research shows that there’s a strong genetic component to your circadian rhythm, so you might just need to accept if you’re a morning person or a night owl and plan accordingly. There’s also research (as well as historical accounts of well-known scientists, mathematicians, etc.) That humans naturally have a wakeful period in the middle of the night that is opportune for deep thinking and meditation.

Not ready to make big lifestyle changes? Focus on the basics of good sleep. Invest in quality sheets, pillows, and a decent mattress. Set aside some time to unwind, screen free, before bed. Don’t eat or drink right before bed. Keep your bed for sleep, and work on training yourself with a consistent routine (or even some meditation) to fall asleep.

When you need extra help, choose a natural, non-addictive sleep aid that encourages real sleep so your brain is actually rested the next day. Sleep Support Pack combines a mineral supplement (providing the nutrition your body needs at night) with herbs well known for supporting quality sleep.

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