Water Dumbell In PoolThere’s dozens and dozens of studies talking about how important exercise is, especially as we age. Here’s another one to consider: maintaining regular moderate exercise (especially as you hit your 70s and 80s) will help you to keep independence longer, and is associated with a better quality of life.

It doesn’t take sweats and a gym membership. It could be an evening walk, a noon errand somewhere close, or just getting some fresh air each morning in your local open space.

If you have trouble sticking with it, find a workout buddy. Or try joining a class at your local rec center, many of which have programs geared toward both the physical and social needs of retirees. (They also offer things like swim aerobics, which are much easier on ageing joints!).

There are other benefits to regular exercise, too. Physical activity is supposed to help mental clarity as you age, and remaining sharp is possibly more important than remaining active. And then there’s getting a good night’s rest—most people report sleeping less as they age, but that’s not really a good thing. Your brain, heart, and body need the maintenance that occurs while you sleep just as much as ever. At any age, exercise can help you to sleep more easily.

If you need some nutritional support, fight your aches and pains naturally with Body RLF and Joint RLF. Both will supply your body with the building blocks needed to maintain muscle and cartilage.

And don’t forget some colloidal silver. If you’re going to frequent areas where there are ticks or mosquitoes, or just brave germy gym locker rooms, you want your immune system as supported as possible!

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