antibiotic sensitivity test and bacterial culture plate


Researchers are looking high and low for alternatives to antibiotics. Because of their overuse in agriculture and nursing homes, superbugs have risen up to create medical nightmares. From the always hard to treat tuberculosis to diseases once easily defeated by antibiotics like STIs, antibiotic resistant bacteria are a problem all over the world.

One alternative that’s a runaway success is fecal transplants. Bacteria (sourced from fecal matter) is taken from a healthy recipient and transferred to someone with an obvious bacteria related health problem like obesity or a C. diff infection.

And looking at the data, transferring healthy bacteria via FMT has much better outcomes treating C. diff with less hospital time and more recoveries. In fact, the biggest risk is the sample could be contaminated with bacteria from the hospital, which can cause health symptoms associated with bad bacteria (like poor mood and weight gain).

This also supports the value of cultivating your own microbiome. As prevention, your good bacteria may help with a lot of diseases, and it reasons that that includes C. diff. As research piles up, it’s increasingly obvious we all need to make the strength of our bacteria biome a priority.

Here’s three ways to support having lots of good bacteria:

-Load up on probiotics. Probiotics replace and replenish the quantity and variety of the beneficial bacteria we need. You can eat probiotic rich foods like yogurt, or get them daily through a high quality supplement like Flora MGR.

-Eat to grow your good bacteria. Prebiotics are foods good bacteria like, mostly veggies like onion, garlic, and greens.

-Work to build healthy habits. Our brain and our bacteria work together to influence our feelings, moods, and cravings. Moods/outlooks, exercising, sleeping and more can change our body chemistry to influence one type of bacteria or another.

If you need a place to start, start with Flora MGR and support a healthy bacteria colony.


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