Happy Seniors HikingWhile some groups try and poo-poo taking supplements, the truth is multivitamins get recommended at every age, for pretty much everyone. From childhood on, multivitamins come strongly recommended. They get pushed at women of childbearing age, people who work-out, people who don’t, people who admit they don’t always eat their vegetables, and as we age, multivitamins get recommended for extra support as our intestines become inefficient at absorbing vitamins, and health risks become apparent.

The best thing you can do is pick a good multivitamin now, and be on top of one of the easiest to meet recommendations out there.

What constitutes a good multivitamin? Well, not the stuff you find at the grocery store. Independent studies have repeatedly found their labels aren’t all that accurate. They tend to be all filler, with mismatched nutrients in varying proportions (if anything).

But filler-free multivitamins do exist. In fact, you can get them without the preservative-lubricant sterate (which is a trans fat) or other preservatives. Vita One is one such daily multivitamin. In addition, it’s ingredients both match the label and are of a higher-quality—including being more bioavailable, or easier for the body to absorb and use.

Even though almost everyone should take a good multivitamin, most just need one a day. Some might choose more, or add in some specially formulated multivitamins for their heart (for instance). When you have a high-quality base to start with, you can feel the changes that dietary support offers and go from there.

Have you noticed the benefits of taking a high-quality supplement? Share your thoughts in the comments:


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