Red Heart Shirt GirlFebruary is Heart Month, which officially kicks off this week. Hopefully you’ll find some easy new habits that will help you support heart health every day all year long (like sipping some of our Jiaogulan Tea), but consider also supporting your body as it fights against all the not-so-good habits you may have.

If you live in America (or, you know, American culture reaches you) what’s the worst thing you probably do to yourself? Indulge in sweet, salty, fatty American food. And not just junk food—if you’re not making it from scratch, you’re likely getting a heap of one of those three. “Low-fat”, for instance, is code for “soaked in sugar” and, conversely, “low/no sugar” means extra fat (even Cheerios got blasted recently when they released a high protein cereal—that had way more sugar than any previous iteration.

Of course, salt is only bad for people with certain genetic markers, or in really high qualities. “Good” fat is, indeed, not just good for you but necessary for good health (and even heart health!)—just stay away from all those uber-processed fats, like trans fats. And sugar? You could totally benefit from cutting it out—but it’s ok to indulge a little.

But let’s be honest: most people aren’t eating super-health food level meals and snacks, even if it’s home-cooked. You might be doing pretty well, but why not get some support against those times you don’t? One of the things all the sugar, trans fats, and preservatives do is tip the balance between free-radicals and antioxidants. While free-radicals do have a purpose, our diets typically give us an overdrive level.

So pick-up an antioxidant—a good one. Go beyond just adding in some antioxidants with the best possible support.

Longevity Antioxidant Formula is three of the most powerful antioxidant sources: Maqui Berry, Acai Berry, and resveratrol.

You might be familiar with Resveratrol because of it’s association with healthy, young looking skin. But this powerful combination promotes other forms of health, too, including cardiovascular health (as well as bone and joint health, and supports metabolism and digestion).

Daily support against food indiscretions is pretty important—and if you’re looking to tie that support to heart health, a powerful antioxidant like Longevity Formula is a good choice!

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