Brain DrawingIt seems obvious that the brain would have strong ties to the rest of the body—including the immune system. But a direct connection had never been found, until recently.

Before, the theory was that there was influence between the immune system and the brain, but a researcher was able to find tiny lymphatic vessels tucked behind a major blood vessel and the sinuses (which are harder to image).

This could become a major turning point in how we battle diseases of the brain—Alzheimer’s, meningitis, and others. It may spark new ideas for prevention and treatment.

That means that a strong immune system may mean more to the brain than previously thought. Keeping it strong by having good habits like getting enough sleep, good nutrition, and exercise may be impacting the brain more directly that we thought. Exercise, sleep, and nutrition all have huge impacts on how well the brain works, helping to keep it sharp, refreshed, and fully functional (respectively)—but now we’ve got another cause there, the immune system is active in the brain, and all those things support the immune system.

Now that the brain is physically tied to the immune system (I know, shocking that for years they were taught as two disjointed things!), there will hopefully be more research and advice built on that knowledge.

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What are your thoughts on the fact this was *just* discovered?


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