Strong Heart ChalkboardData is piling up in favor of having more Omega-3 in your diet.

A new analysis of 19 studies found that having more markers meant having a lower risk of having coronary heart disease. Another found that patients given Omega-3 supplements were healthier and managed shorter hospital stays.

What’s the recommendation? Get at least one big serving of fish (from one of the low-mercury types) a week, and if you don’t, you can take a supplement!

But how to sort through all the supplements out there? Choose something sustainable, additive free, that offers more than Omega-3s, like Krill Oil.

Our Deep Ocean Krill Oil is sustainably harvested (it’s overseen by World Wildlife Fund Norway) from a naturally replenishing source: krill! Krill are the largest biomass on earth, and regenerate quickly.

That’s how they’re a good choice for the environment. Here’s how they’re good for you: krill oil are also a source of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. We can all use more antioxidants, but the presence of astaxanthin (along with harvesting technique) means that no additives or preservatives are necessary, unlike with other Omega-3 sources. Krill oil is easily digested, and even supports stomach health.

By comparison, fish oil requires an added preservative. And, it has the distasteful side-effect of not being as easily digested, so it can cause stomach discomfort and smelly fish burps.

Why else should you take krill oil? It supports more than just your heart. Krill oil has been linked with eye and brain health, skin and central nervous system support, and even natural mood support.

If you aren’t already taking Deep Ocean Krill Oil, start today and make sure you have a daily supply of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet from one of the best, most sustainable sources available.

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