Woman Under WaterfallA new year is the perfect time for getting rid of all the bad habits we’ve accumulated over the year—and the build up they leave behind! In other words, it’s the perfect time for a detox. Start the year feeling cleaner and lighter—refreshed to tackle new projects!

Not sure where to start? Detoxing is one of those things it’s best not to Google. Extreme cleanses that are more fasting than cleansing, and pictures that are… graphic. Fasting is simple—until you start to get woozy. It’s not necessarily safe—so beware cleanses that want you to survive a week on just water or juice or honey. Your brain NEEDS energy! It actually eats up most of your calories, and when you deprive them, your brain will scream at you with fog, confusion, and more. Nevermind that driving, exercising, and other activities aren’t necessarily safe under those conditions!

So try a different, safer, more cleansing approach! (After all, if nothing’s going in, how’s anything getting pushed out?).

Try one of our cleanses:

Zeolite is a cleanse that targets chemical build-up—the large particles that are inescapably present in our food, water, and even everyday objects.

What is Zeolite? Minerals formed by volcanic ash and ground water that have a structure able to “trap” heavy metals and free radicals.

It’s best to pair Zeolite with a restorative supplement like mineral rich Humic and Fulvic acid (taken from soil carrying the fossils of ancient forests—basically, rich soil unlike our over farmed soil!).

Looking for a more traditional cleanse?

After all—most people focus on the food they eat. You don’t see the other accumulation, but you KNOW when you’ve been eating a lot of fast food and sweets, and it can feel good to reset with a colon cleanse.

Here’s a way to do it: use Colon CLNr, a natural supplement. Add it to your diet and support your colon as it overcomes parasites, improves digestion and circulation, and more—rather than forcing a “cleanse” from you bowels by depriving and stressing them with one of the fad cleanses that circulate.

Do you cleanse? How often?


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