Senior ManIt’s awkward talking about certain aspects of our health. You’ve probably absorbed from popular culture that as we age, we need fiber rich cereals, yogurts, and pills. Maybe you even reject your need for fiber—just because it’s stigmatized as a sign of ageing, like gray hair and certain pants styles.

But it’s more important than you’ve been told—by the age 40, 10% of people have diverticulosis, which are basically hernias on your bowel. By age 60, more than 50% of people have them.

Why fiber? The theory goes that having a strong muscle that can expel all of your waste will help prevent hernias. Specifically, you want to prevent straining.

If this all sounds new to you, that’s because you only find out about them if you get a colonoscopy—obvious signs that warrant a doctor visit, like rectal bleeding, are rare. But you’ll suffer a thousand papercuts, as it were. Common symptoms include cramps, bloating, flatulence, and irregular bowel movements. These are all things that are so commonly suffered, you may not have realized there was a very common cause that can be prevented!

The American diet is lacking in many ways. The New York Times has an article about what children eat for breakfast around the world. Do you know what I noticed? They almost all have at least one fermented food that is a part of their morning routine—and it isn’t a high-sugar low-culture yogurt.

While you can work to improve your diet (I strongly recommend buying cookbooks that teach you about foreign cuisines—not just recipes, but different cultures of eating, different rituals to meals that create a healthier attitude about food), chances are you’ll have gaps. Or maybe you have past food sins you need help fixing. That’s where a good daily multivitamin comes in!

Try Colon CLNz. It combines herbs and probiotics to encourage a strong bowel wall, regular bowel movements, and a diverse probiotic colony. It’s designed to be useful whether you only need it for a short time, or want to have support as you age and the risk for diverticulosis increases.

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