With everything it turns out that your good gut bacteria (probiotcs) are responsible for, it’s no surprise that it also plays a heavy part in immune system function.

Your gut, like other parts of your body, is full of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, and if you’re in good health, most of those are beneficial. At the most basic level, having good gut bacteria means a layer of protection against invading pathogens; there’s already bacteria there to crowd out and fight off invaders. Those bacteria even help with digestion. Recently, study after study is peeling back ways that your gut bacteria (and now the good viruses that may live there, too) are influencing other parts of the body, from the brain (your mood), heart health, weight, and more.

According to new research, if the gut microbe is impacted by antibiotics (which can kill off good bacteria, too, and sometimes leave gaps for bad bacteria or even fungi to get in), it’s immune functions don’t function so well. The gut bacteria also help summon certain immune cells when there’s an invading pathogen, and help to sustain the protective barrier that blocks out bad bacteria. When they’re compromised, bad pathogens don’t meet any resistance, and infection rates are much higher.

Your good gut bacteria support good health, but if you need to correct course on your gut health, keeping up good habits over a long period of time can help good bacteria to thrive again. You can jump start the process with support from a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR. It provides a variety of good bacteria to support colony health and diversity.

You can also eat fermented food to make probiotics a part of your diet.

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