Waking UpYou’re probably not surprised to hear the broken or inadequate sleep is tied to an early onset of Alzheimer’s—but maybe you’ll be surprised to hear how strong the correlation is: mice altered to not sleep had a significant build-up of the plaque that has become a hallmark of Alzheimer’s, as well as easily observed memory problems.

Add sleeping well to the list of things to so now so you’re in good shape later!

This follows news that absence of a brain protein—REST—may be one cause of Alzheimer’s. Maybe not sleeping disrupts the body’s ability to produce rest? Hard to say, the two studies haven’t collided into a single test yet.

In any case, getting more sleep is a very treatable problem, and who doesn’t want to be well rested? For a list of ideas to fight your insomnia, click here.

You can support your mind and body’s nightly duties completed while you rest with the comprehensive sleep supplement Nite MGR . It has melatonin to help you stay asleep.

If your looking for more ways to fight Akzheimer’s several anecdotes came out a while back about coconut oil. The theory goes coconut oil is able to be an alternate energy source for the brain when it starts malfunctioning.

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