Chipotle will be retraining employees on food safety after a store sickened hundreds of people by leaving out warm food. The bacteria that sickened everyone, Clostridium perfringens, is commonly found in prepared food that’s left out for a long time before serving.

It’s not just the problem of one chain. An employee at an Ohio Taco Bell may have recently exposed customers to Hepatitis A. Foodborne illness can happen anywhere, from negligence, or from workers who are sick themselves (and often can’t take or afford sick leave, a problem which explodes during cold and flu season). Sometimes food poisoning is distributed through the prepped foods from a central location. Whatever the case, it’s something everyone should be prepared for.

More people eat out than ever, and that means being prepared to shoulder the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning happens year round, but has different causes depending on the time of the year. During warm seasons, food poisoning it most likely caused by bacteria that grow more easily. During cold seasons, viruses (including norovirus) proliferate and cause food poisoning.

How do you stay on defense against a common illness? You can support your body against food poisoning two ways, with good gut health and good immune support.

First, make sure that you have good gut health by reinforcing your good gut bacteria with probiotics. Whether it’s regularly eating probiotic rich foods, or cheating with a supplement like Flora MGR, getting a good, diverse bacteria colony helps in multiple ways; good bacteria crowd out invading pathogens and may even fight back (in addition to numerous other health benefits).

Second, make sure that you’ve got daily immune support. Everyone’s immune system has up days and down days, whether it’s missed sleep, stress, or another illness, sometimes our defenses are weak. Back them up with daily immune supporting colloidal silver, which has been used for hundreds of years not just to support the immune system, but in multiple ways (funnily enough, it has even been used to extend the life of food!).

How do you avoid food poisoning? Share your own tips with us in the comments:


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