Did you know there’s actually a few kinds of diets that can cause gallstones? And which ones might surprise you…

It’s the gallbladder’s job to hold the bile that the liver produces, allowing it to become concentrated so it can breakdown fatty foods when you eat them.

Now, most people know that an unhealthy diet can lead to gallstones. The body has a number of safety checks to prevent gallstones from forming, and they require good nutrition, plenty of water, and diet with all the food groups.

Too much fat can cause overproduction of bile leading to gallstones, whether the fat is dietary or comes from rapid weight loss and the break down of existing fat.

Here’s the surprising part—too little fat, as might be found in a very healthy diet, or a vegan diet, can also lead to gallstones. You need some fat to trigger the gallbladder to empty (amino acids can also trigger it, so make sure you get plenty of protein!

Other risks for gallbladder stones include: estrogen/being a woman, being of Hispanic or Native American decent, people who have trouble with nutrient absorption (something that happens as you age, or that can be caused by intestinal disorders like Crohn’s), being obese, and people with a family history.

You can support gallbladder health with natural herbs chosen to help encourage gallbladder elimination, spleen health, and overall gallbladder function and health.


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