Summer Food Safety


Summer Food SafetyIt’s not news–study after study is finding that there’s a strong link between the gut and the brain. That link could influence mood, weight/appetite, personality, and more. As more evidence mounts, and specific bacteria get tied to management of depression, anxiety, and more, a probiotic treatment (or even prevention) of many diseases may be in the near future.

Fortunately, probiotics come from food, and you don’t have to wait to benefit. There are steps you can take today to create a healthier gut biome and to reap the mind-body benefits.
The easiest place to begin is with more—more probiotics in your diet with fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, or some pickled products. Or more probiotics with a daily supplement like Flora MGR.

Then support your gut health. Your actions and your health are all tied together—think chicken and the egg—good bacteria will encourage good habits (craving health food, desiring exercise) while bad bacteria want bad habits (laying in bed, depressed, or craving sugar), and those habits feed the growth of each.

So if you’re already working on diet and exercise, great!, you’re feeding your good bacteria. But, for example, if feeling down makes you crave a sugar binge or a day with your feet up wasting time, frame it to yourself this way: it’s your bad bacteria trying to get you to feed their growth. Grab a yogurt or take a Flora MGR and head outside to start turning things around.

Our culture makes it easy to fuel bad bacteria. Make sure you’re getting daily support from a probiotic like Flora MGR.

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