Why Do Yeast Infections Happen?

Two factors that can lead to yeast infection are the death of the beneficial bacteria that work with our body to prevent bad bacteria that cause stomach ailments and infection, and the creation of warm, moist places with limited air flow that are ideal places for yeast to grow.

Yeast and Bacteria are natural enemies, and antibiotics, like Penicillin, are based on that principle and made with yeast. Unfortunately, they do not discriminate between the bad bacteria that make us sick and the good bacteria that support our immune system. For that reason, when taking a regimen of antibiotics many people eat probiotics (from a source like yogurt) to keep their natural flora balanced. Sometimes, because the immune system is already weakened, or because of a prolonged course of antibiotics, not only do good bacteria die off, but yeast begins to grow in their place, causing a yeast infection. The stomach and vagina, two important locations of beneficial yeast, are particularly susceptible to this effect.

Warm moist places with limited air flow can be created by a number of circumstances–Swimming is one common such circumstance. Swimmer’s not only get water in their ears that can be trapped by swim caps or ear plugs, but (girls) can wear tight swimsuits that restrict air flow to the vagina. After swimming, make sure to dry out your ears and your swimsuit, or change out of your swimsuit immediately if you are done swimming. In general, it’s recommended that girls wear looser fitting cotton panties to allow better air flow that discourages the growth of yeast. Dog ear yeast infections are also somewhat common in breeds with floppy ears that restrict air flow, so make sure their ears are dry after baths and water activities.

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