Joint RLF is a part of the Welltrients line of top-quality products. Like many Welltrients products, Joint RLF is based on clinical trial research and the formula is occasionally updated to provide the ingredients that get the best results in the most effective combination.

Some of the star ingredients of Joint RLF include Boswellia Extract, Tumeric (Curcumin), and 150 mg of Glucosamine (a building block of cartilage) in every capsule. Many of it’s ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties.

Joint RLF, as part of the Welltrients line of supplements, is designed to go well with other Welltrients products, in particular it is an excellent complement to Body RLF. People who are interested in Joint RLF are also frequently interested in Evening Primrose Oil.

Have you taken Joint RLF? What was your experience?


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