If you’ve enjoyed the benefits of supplementing your diet with Vegan Protein Complete, as well as the delicious flavor it adds to fruit smoothies, than you will love Welltrients Green. (Welltrients Green is also available in capsule form).

Are you eating at least FIVE servings of fruits and vegetables daily? How much variety is in those five servings? Welltrients Green is a superfood: it contains 40 different plants and plant extracts-that means it offers a wide variety of nutritional support, including things your regular diet may not normally include.

Are you getting enough phytonutrients?
Phytonutrients come from plants and support our health in many ways, acting as antioxidants and support for our immune system and organs, as well as supporting pH balance and providing energy.

What’s more, the plants are ALL Welltrients Green contains. Like all Welltrient products there’s no fillers, preservatives, or other nonsense you really shouldn’t be putting in your body. Plus, Welltrient’s line of products are made with the freshest, purest ingredients available.

With echinacea, aloe vera, garlic, sage, and white willow bark, there’s also health benefits that go beyond just vitamins and minerals to be gained by adding Welltrients Green to your morning or afternoon smoothie, or by taking a Welltrient Green capsule along with your regular meal.

What are your favorite smoothie recipes? Do you enhance them with supplements? Share in the comments!


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