Barbecue DrinkingAmericans can party hard, especially on the 4th of July, when brats, burgers, fireworks, and a hot summer sun practically beg for a beer. But you might feel some concern for your liver the next day—especially if you overindulge! So here’s how to navigate an alcohol-heavy holiday:

-If you like drinking, it’s best to do a little (one glass) each day. This is actually less work for your liver than occasional drinking (and a lot less work that occasional binge drinking). Picture this metaphor: you waste less gas idling your car for less than 5 minutes, than you do stopping and starting it. When you drink a little each day, you’re signalling your liver to keep making the enzymes needed to break down alcohol—there’s no startup cost or lag time. (Of course, the best thing for your liver is to avoid alcohol entirely—but that’s less fun).

-Try and maintain a healthy weight. It’s about to be a major American problem: overweight people, even kids and teens, are starting to require liver transplants. All that extra fat is settling in the liver, and rates of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are skyrocketing. So far, there hasn’t been extensive research on the effects of the combination of extra weight and alcohol, but you can sure expect there will be soon.

-And if you do overindulge? Don’t feel bad about a big cup of coffee to help clear you hangover the next morning. Studies have found that a bit of coffee each day might offer some protection, as it’s associated with a lower risk of liver cancer.

-If you want to go a step further to help care for your liver, pick up one of our liver detox products. Liver detox is all about supplying a large dose of antioxidants for the liver to use to clean and repair itself. All natural, Liver MGR (a daily multivitamin that offers liver support) or Liver DTX (a detox pack) are designed off of years of research so they contain the nutrients studies say work best.

And of course, don’t drink and drive this holiday (or any) and beware of others who may not make the right decision.

What are your holiday plans? Anyone pairing a local brew with their favorite brat? Make sure to stock up on Liver MGR!


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