Hepatitis isn’t the big cause of liver disease anymore—poor diet is. Worst of all, symptoms may be silent.

Fatty liver disease rates are rising amongst both American adults and children. Diets high in added sugars and fat are silently fueling fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease raises the risk for heart problems, type-2 diabetes, and eventually, further liver problems.

Make sure you’re supporting your liver. It’s never too late to change to a healthy diet, and to get added liver support with Liver DTX.

Hepatitis is a highly communicable disease that you can get from an unlucky visit to the doctor, or from another person if you share toiletries (even a toothbrush). It only takes one viral particle and an unseen wound. Then hepatitis attacks the liver (Hepatitis C is slow, and can take decades before symptoms are noticeable; Hep B and A show up faster).

But they’re not what’s most likely to get your liver these days—it’s poor diet. Processed food in particular with all its added sugar and worst kind of fats is contributing to our collective liver problems. Like Hep C, fatty liver disease doesn’t announce itself with loud symptoms. It might already be starting in your liver without showing any signs, silently increasong your risk for future illness. If you know you have risk factors, start better supporting your health today.

Switching to more fruits and veggies is a great start to turning around liver health. For extra support, use Liver DTX.

Liver DTX uses known liver supporting herbs like milk thistle to help detoxify and support the liver. With lots of antioxidants, Liver DTX works in two steps to help get liver health back on track.

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