Researchers have found a strong connection in mice between gut bacteria and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The finding isn’t surprising, a large pile of research has shown that our gut microbes impact everything from how we digest food to our weight, mood, and habits; the new research could be an avenue for treating stress. Fortunately, supporting your good bacteria is a healthy habit that anyone can pick up! Get started replenishing your good gut bacteria with Flora MGR.

Here’s how the new research went: different groups of mice were taught to expect an electric shock when an alarm went off.Once researchers removed the shock, mice with good gut bacteria were able to recover from the stress and not react when the alarm sounded, while the groups lacking bacteria retained a stress reaction to the alarm.

The hope is the same is true in humans and supporting the gut with good gut bacteria will encourage the ability to rebound after living through stressful situations. (The stomach and brain are connected via the gut-brain axis, which can send chemical messages between the two, including ones generated by bacteria).

With all the research about gut bacteria, it’s already recommended you support a healthy microbiome! Increasing your resilience to stress is just a possible side-effect.

Good gut bacteria and good habits feed each other, so if you’re already supporting your mind and body with sleep, exercise, and lots of vegetables and healthy foods you’re supporting your good gut bacteria.

If you need a little help or a boost to move your gut bacteria in the right direction, get support from Flora MGR which contains a wide variety of supportive bacteria.


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