Fulvic AcidIn Japan, hot springs are used for their therapeutic benefits. Different mineral content in different places produces, according to those who use them, different health benefits. Of course, Japan is full of hot springs, and it’s no wonder that they would have strong opinions about them.

But it’s not just the Japanese. In Iceland, hot springs are also seen as beneficial. Minerals and muds from hot springs are turned into skin salves and ointments. Even in the US, hot water is used to treat sore muscles and other aches, and if you have a cold or flu the steam certainly does wonders.

So rather than travel across the world for a mineral bath, why not do one at home? Fulvic minerals can be added to a hot (or warm) bath to support health while you steam away a respiratory illness, relax away holiday tension, or soothe muscles that have been raking leaves…or snow.

As a supplement, fulvic acid benefits include supporting the immune system and helping the body to cleanse toxins and replace them with minerals. If you prefer a scented floral bath, you can always use the fulvic minerals Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator Spray after the bath.

Of course, if you have a heart condition or other serious health concern consult a doctor before taking a hot bath or sitting in steam.

What other aches do baths cure?


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