Whole Wheat BreadAn analysis of past studies has shown that having enough B Vitamins, which lower homocysteine levels, could help reduce your risk of stroke. (It also dismissed claims of a link between B vitamins and cancer).

The effect was most noticeable on people who had vitamin deficiencies, and only modest overall. That means you should still know about FAST (If you see Facial or Arm weakness and Speech difficulty, then it’s Time to act).

Folic Acid, or B9, seems to have the biggest correlation with decreased stroke risk.

You can find Vitamin B in fortified foods (cereal, most flour, some pastas) as well as meat, which is the only natural source of B12. Although there’s effort to fortify foods to make sure people get enough B Vitamins, you should still supplement with B Vitamin Complex if…

…You aren’t eating some or all of that daily (Coffee but no breakfast? A salad (sans meat or bread) for lunch? A dinner of questionable nutritional value? You’ve probably had some variant of that day).
…You have any digestion issues, as poor B Vitamin absorption is common in many ailments, like Crohn’s.
…You have higher energy needs (you’re an athlete, or older).
…You’re a woman of childbearing age (accidents happen! Don’t be B9 deficient juuust in case.)
…You’re a vegan, to make up for the lack of B12 in your diet (vegetarians can get B12 through eggs and dairy).

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