Hungry Woman With ASparagusMost people could use a safety net, especially when it comes to their diet. Whether you skip meals on busy work days, or get sucked in to filling up on extra calories, having a foundation of needed nutrients to start (or end) your day with keeps you steady, and confident in your diet!

Even more so, it’s important as you go through dietary changes and experiments.

People cut calories to lose weight, and that’s been going on forever. Now, more people are experimenting with their diets. Losing weight isn’t just calories, it’s how you digest the food you eat (thanks to probiotics and other factors). There’s issues with digestive health, and avoiding foods that trigger inflammation (and accompanying symptoms like diarrhea or cramps), or avoiding foods that trigger allergies or intolerances. And it’s not just vegetarians and vegans changing their diet for moral reasons anymore—there’s all sorts of categories that people choose to avoid, from water-hogging nuts to labor-intensive treats and more. Finally, people with weakened immune systems might have to avoid certain high-risk foods (sprouts, pre-processed fruits and veggies, deli meats) leaving only convenience foods that aren’t healthy.

That’s a lot of variations, and by no means conclusive! What works one month might not work the next as life, hormone levels, the weather, the grocery store near you changes—and many diets and concerns have a lot of overlap!

There are a lot of multivitamins to choose from so that your basic nutritional needs are covered while you figure out how to feed the body and mind you alone have—so make sure you choose the right one!

Remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap options flashing you at the grocery store with cardboard cutouts are often the same brands that are under constant scrutiny for their fillers, lying labels, and horrible additives.

There are great options available to you when you start looking a little deeper, though, like our Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina. Red meat is often high on the hit list when people fiddle with their diet, and Spirulina is a vegan source of iron, so you won’t miss it in your diet (and experience fatigue and other problems—changing what you eat is hard enough!).

Plus, Spirulina has protein, enzymes, chlorophyll, and more in addition to many vitamins and minerals. Enzymes in particular are great support when your gastrointestinal system is undergoing a changing diet!

What food changes have you made?


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