Tap WaterGiven there are tons of studies, centuries of use, and plenty of anecdotal evidence saying nano silver isn’t harmful, some scientists are politely asking we move forward with research (how about verifying the ways nano silver is helpful?).

Despite the fact that many studies verify silver’s safety in the human body, the EPA, as well as other concerned groups, make a big deal about the possible effects of silver that gets into the environment once it washes down the drain and through waste-water plants. So, some Swiss researchers followed nano silver through the system.

95% of it binds to sewage, and it takes a form that has fewer antimicrobial properties so it won’t interfere with the bacteria meant to break down sewage. Very, very little actually makes it on to the environment. By the end of the day, the silver is in such a large form it can be strained out.

And if you wanted to get it out sooner, even kids could devise a way to remove it—use algae. There’s even enough silver for collection to be profitable.

As the clamor to stop vilifying silver continues, and is backed by increasingly high profile studies, maybe one nano silver product—colloidal silver—will also stop being vilified.

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