Whether you’re getting a breezy, rainy summer or going through a massive heatwave, tea is the perfect afternoon break. Iced or hot, choosing a health supporting herbal tea for your afternoon or evening break helps you unwind, while conferring some benefits! Try a cup of Jiaogulan tea while you enjoy (or hide from) the summer weather!

The nice thing about sipping a cup of tea is that the act in itself can be restorative. When talking about how humans use herbs and interact with plants, one thing no researcher ignores is ritual. From harvesting and canning tomatoes to the development of aspirin from willow bark, how humans manipulate and interact with plants is a ritual with an important effect. Tea is the perfect example—there’s an art to brewing it, whether you’re casually using modern equipment, or have perfected a dozen step technique involving a fancy tea pot! Even before any herbal benefits, the ritual can help clear your mind, set a tone, and bring its own mental benefit.

Once you’ve got your tea break routine worked out, get more from it by choosing a tea historically known for offering some possible health benefits. Jiaogulan is grown in Southeast Asia, where’s it’s called the “Tea of Life” because of a believed correlation between Jiaogulan tea and heart health and general longevity. There, it’s used to treat ulcers and aid digestion, and thought to boost strength and endurance.

Jiaogulan is known as an herb that encourages the body to self-regulate, which may extend to things like a healthier blood pressure (which may be why it’s associated with heart health). A cup of Jiaogulan tea every now and then isn’t just relaxing, it may be helping the body in different ways.

Add a little relaxation and balance to your day with a relaxing evening break with Jiaogulan tea. The flavor goes perfectly with sitting on a porch, watching the day wind down. Make a cup part of your summer rituals!

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