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There’s a common misconception that you need less sleep as you age. While lots of studies have dismissed that—sleep is essential for brain health, as well as allowing the body more time to restore itself—another study chimes in with some observed effects of poor sleep.

Seniors who had disrupted sleep were more likely to have arteriosclerosis and less likely to get enough oxygen to the brain, both factors for higher stroke risk. In addition to stroke, there’s an increased chance of impaired motor and cognitive functions.

Sleep is Essential for Senior Health

Many study participants had visible blood vessel damage and signs of stroke, somewhat proportional to the number of nighttime awakenings.

Of course, there’s some question of cause and effect—if the strokes happened first, did it lead to poor sleep? In one way it doesn’t matter: the importance of sleep is pretty much undisputed.

It’s time to start focusing on better sleep!

One problem that plagues older men: getting up to pee. Prostate health commonly declines with men’s age. Fortunately, it’s very rarely deadly. Even so, those darn side effects might be causing bigger problems if you’re waking up to relieve yourself.

So, support prostate health, and get at it from two different paths: first, targeted prostate nutritional support. Then, add daily support in the form of colloidal gold, which may support prostate health.

Set the stage to avoid other sleep disruptions: light from phones and alarm clocks, and even nightlights (try motion-activated ones) or outside lights (try blackout curtains, which also help with temperature). A mattress or pillow that needs to be replaced. Or the noises of pets (if they need out at night, try training pads—your sleep is more important).

To help your body stay asleep when it may not be doing as well at making essential nutrients like melatonin, add those into your diet in easily absorbable form from a high-quality multivitamin, like those found in our sleep support pack.

What keeps you up at night?


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