YawnIn many cases, a basic solution may be the right answer to a complex problem. For mental health problems like depression, hallucinations, and anxiety, focusing on getting more sleep might clear up symptoms for some people.

A study offered people with insomnia Cognitive Behavior Therapy as treatment, and compared to a group with no therapy, saw improvements not only in sleep quantity and quality but improvements in mental health, too. Other studies have found strong correlations between sleep and ADHD symptoms (especially in kids). While it all seems quite obvious and logical, that logic hasn’t borne out in practice over the past decades with a heavy handed treatments handed out like candy.

Whether you currently have mental health issues that you think might be tied to sleep, or know you aren’t getting enough sleep and are waiting for the other shoe to drop… take your health into your own hands and make sleep a priority.

Don’t just worry about sleep when the time for bed starts ticking closer, balance your whole day to support your circadian rhythm. A little sunshine in the morning helps make waking up easier. Exercise earlier in the day, and no caffeine after lunch also helps.

Then, make sure you’re serious about sleep. Cut out screens before bed, or only use those that can filter out blue light. Focus on sleep, no flashing LEDs, a supportive, soft bed, and enough time set aside.

Most people, even as they age, should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you need extra support, try something natural with our Sleep Support Pack. Unlike sleeping pill that induce fake sleep, Sleep Support Pack offers the nutrients (like Calcium and Magnesium) that your body needs at night to help encourage and support natural sleep processes.

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