Sleep helps heal you from your head to your toes, but it’s absolutely critical for your brain and heart. While it’s not surprising research, studies are continuing to reveal the ways that sleep is necessary for our continued health. If you haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep, start getting help from our Sleep Support Pack.

One bad night’s sleep can cause multiple blood pressure spikes—that night and the next day—while getting deep sleep rests and heals your heart.

Without a good night’s sleep our brain misfires and even checks out the next day (and we may not even notice). With a good night’s sleep our brain cleanses itself of the days work, and the metabolic waste it made doing it.

That last bit is critical—getting sleep and clearing that waste is key to preventing Alzheimer’s. Whether it’s pushing back a genetic risk or preventing a risk generated by lifestyle, every good night’s sleep we get now pays off in the long run.

Just like a bad day for your immune system can mean you get sick, a bad night’s sleep creates a day of increased risk—it’s riskier to drive and operate other equipment, riskier for our hearts, and riskier for our brains that didn’t get the gunk swept out by REM sleep. As we get older, if we’re less healthy, those risks are worse.

Good sleep is all about preparation. A little exercise during the day, staying hydrated, eating more in the morning and less as the day goes on. Before bed, have a period where you’re done eating, slowing on drinking, and if you need help falling asleep, take a bath (it helps relax muscles and adjust your body temperature for sleep).

Avoid having lights on in your bedroom, including tiny LEDs on charging devices. Light can make falling asleep harder and disrupt your sleep cycles, which are critical for all these health benefits.

To help overcome sleep troubles, use Sleep Support Pack with the minerals and nutrients your body needs while it sleeps, and herbs known to support better sleep.

Avoid sleeping pills as they don’t induce natural sleep with all the cycles you need.


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