Dodging the after meal heartburn ache can take some serious tinkering. Not only is each person a little different, there are many factors to contend with.

But it’s worth the extra effort! Past studies have linked frequent use of antacids with mental fog, and a new study now ties ongoing heartburn medication with kidney damage, and it may be happening silently.

If kidney problems spring up, discontinuing medications is one of the first steps, but this new research shows that acute damage might be occurring in kidneys with no signs to warn doctors, so it may be better to encourage heavily moderated, rather than ongoing, use of heartburn medications.

Better yet, stop heartburn at the source!

Start with the obvious: diet plays a large role. But it might not be in the way you think! To figure out heartburn triggers, journal what you eat not by meal, but by ingredient (or label the restaurant if you’re eating out). And don’t forget to write down how much. There are many cases of people thinking something makes them sick, only to realize it’s something they tend to overeat.

Stress and anxiety can also trigger heartburn. (And just to point out, there was a study a while ago about stress not triggering heartburn/ulcers/stomach upset… but it was about physical stress, like an ICU stay, not mental stress although many, even health care providers, skimmed the headline and interpreted it that way!).

So trim back the stress and anxiety. Start with small daily changes, like redirecting yourself when recurring thoughts crop up, making plans to tackle the obstacles that cause stress, or just cut out some time to reground yourself. If you’re struggling with where to start, try a stress busting supplement like D.S.A. MGRx.

And most importantly, don’t spend time thinking about or anticipating heartburn. Take your head out of it with a new hobby or some time to relax.

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