For some, insomnia is a year round struggle. Others think of sleep disruption as a summer problem when the days are busy and the nights short. But winter can cause (or exacerbate) sleep problems, too. Since sleep is one of the pillars of good health, longevity, and happiness, it’s worth keeping yourself on track, and even getting a little extra support from Nite MGR.

What causes sleep loss during the winter?

-Not enough Vitamin D. A large part of the country is either covered in snow, or just plain freezing. Getting 20+ minutes of bathing suit-level sun exposure isn’t happening for most Americans right now. But not only is that Vitamin D crucial to good body functions, that sun exposure is important for setting your internal clock. Set things right in two ways: make sure you’re getting extra Vitamin D in your diet, either with nuts, fish, eggs or dairy, or with a daily multivitamin like Vita One, then make sure to start your mornings with some light, and maybe a little exercise. Cheat by standing at a sunny window to trigger that “it’s morning” internal reaction, or by turning lights on, then turning them dim (think firelight) two hours before bed.

-Needing more exercise. One of the ways exercise benefits us is to tire us out for bed (even exercising in the morning). Humans are made to be more physically active than we typically are, and that can get a lot worse in the winter when walks, or even driving to the gym, are impractical. Just don’t be too active right before bed, since the feel good hormones you generate could keep you up.

-Regular insomnia can get worse. Whether it’s the winter blues, more stress and anxiety, or a little bit of everything, people who are bad sleepers may have it even worse during the winter. Dreary days may make you feel lethargic, until it’s time for bed, and then you aren’t quite tired enough to drift off. Start by working every angle you can–more sunlight, exercise, and focused nutrition.

If nothing is doing the trick and you need a little extra help, try a natural sleep aid like Nite MGR. Unlike other products you might be familiar with, Nite MGR doesn’t induce some unnatural sleep wherein you blackout for 9 or so hours, with possible sleepwalking hijinks and impaired performance the next day.

Instead, Nite MGR offers sleep support, with herbs, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to properly function at night (ie, fall asleep, stay asleep, and get good sleep). It works especially well with other good habits to encourage your body to self-regulate and work better.

Make sure that 2018 is a good year, start it off with a good night’s rest with help from Nite MGR.

What interrupts your sleep?


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