With the clocks moved back, night is coming on fast (or it feels like it), so it’s obvious the days are shorter. And they’re colder. If you’re outside less, exercising less, or just feeling down looking at darker, grayer skies, you might be feeling off. Then there’s the holidays, with Thanksgiving being “early” this year, they’re right around the corner. For some people, the holidays can be stressful, or a reminder of loss, adding another layer to winter blues.

If you know you’re prone from previous years, or you’re feeling off already this year, get ahead of those feelings with preemptive support with our Stress, Anxiety, Depression pack. It combines colloidal gold, which supports mood, memory, and more, with D.S.A MGRx, a natural supplement that supports brain health and balance. D.S.A. MGRx makes it easy to regulate how much support you need, or don’t.

All supplements work better when they’re support to a healthy lifestyle. Combat the feeling that short, dark days can bring by supporting your circadian rhythm. Make sure that even though nights are longer, you’re sleeping at regular times and minimizing screen time in the two hours before bed. Then, try and get outside early in the morning for some sunshine to tune your internal clock up.

Exercise, lots of water (winter is dry!) and good nutrition also help the body feel better, and can boost mood. If big holiday feasts and seasonal treats pile up on you, try focusing on positives (Dos rather than Don’ts), like enjoying more seasonal produce, munching on veggies before allowing yourself to dip into treats, and really focusing on getting enough water (really, that dryness can lead to sugar cravings). A little extra attention to body balance goes a long way to keeping a balanced mood as the year wraps up.

Start by making sure you have support ready before you need it with our Stress, Anxiety, Depression pack, then focus on good winter habits that support your circadian rhythm.

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