Summer can be a season of action—there’s so many outdoor activities to choose from, even if it’s just grilling in your own backyard. But don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or whatever is growing in your garden. Even in urban areas, there’s growth, life, and calm moments to appreciate. Pour a cup of heart supporting Jiaogulan tea, and take an afternoon break this summer somewhere where you can mentally

Being in the moment is more than just unwinding, it’s practicing mental discipline, honing focus, and clearing the clutter so your memory and more can work better. At least once a day you should set down all the mental baggage we carry, the to-dos, the problems, the what-ifs, the shoulds. It’s a small meditation that can help support your mental health. Then, build on it by being in the moment—just let your senses be. Really see, hear, feel, taste, breath, live.

It sounds easier than it might be to do—and that’s where the cup of tea comes in. If you have other thoughts pushing in, trouble focusing, or just an antsy feeling that’s hard to shake, let a cup of tea be the center. Tea is wonderful for this because there’s so much ritual to each cup—measuring out a bit, brewing, waiting, fixing with honey or lemon, and sipping.

Jiaogulan is a good choice for a meditative tea. It’s caffeine-free, so it won’t over stimulate you, and it’s good for you. Jiaogulan is an herbal tea that originally comes from Southeast Asia where it’s known as the “tea of life”. It was used as a folk remedy for ulcers, and was touted (and continues to be) as support for heart health and longevity.

Even if you don’t want a break in your day, you may still want to add the benefits of Jiaogulan tea to your routine. It can be a healthier alternative to caffeinated beverages in the afternoon, a calming before bed routine, or just something healthy to sip while you work. If you want to make it a meditative experience of it, so much the better!

How do you drink your tea?

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