Sick WomanWhenever there’s a health emergency—whether it’s as mild as recalled food, or more serious, like Enterovirus, there’s always emphasis that people with weakened immune systems need to be especially on guard, because they’re more at risk—for catching it, or even for far more serious symptoms.

Who has a weakened immune system?

-The very young and old.

Young kids, and infants especially, don’t have fully developed immune systems. Diseases like RSV and whooping cough are just nagging colds in adults, but in kids, they’re very serious.

And it all comes around again—as we age, our immune systems weaken, and we are at risk for serious illness from the flu, pneumonia, or even a bit of broken skin.

-People with a chronic illness.

In the Enterovirus outbreak, kids are already disproportionately affected (see above)—but it’s the ones with a chronic illness—namely, asthma—who are most at risk for serious side-effects.

And the same is true for adults. Hepatitis C, herpes (even just cold sores), diabetes, even heart disease can all weaken the immune system, and leave room for other illnesses to take hold, or to affect us more strongly.

-Certain temporary conditions can cause a weakened immune system

Like pregnancy, certain medications, or a non-chronic illness. If your body is busy constantly repairing sports injuries, for instance, it might not be as strong when a cold blows by.

-Whenever you are lax about the cornerstones of good health

Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and not being too stressed out. Yeah, that gets harped on constantly, but for a reason—it’s always the most worried, stressed out (or just overworked) co-worker who gets sick first and brings down the rest of the office like dominoes.

Make time to exercise, sleep, and de-stress. Plan out healthy snacks and meals, and cover your bases with a daily multivitamin.

Support Your Immune System!

It mostly overlaps with the last point above—make sure you’re exercising (that really can give you a boost!), eating a varied diet (lots of foods out there that contribute to a stronger immune system) and relaxing (the touch a massage offers stimulates the immune system).

You can also supplement!

Try colloidal silver for immune support, or Immune PWRx (which stars colostrum, among other immune stimulating ingredients). You can also get them together in our Immune Support Pack.

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