Although it wasn’t what they were looking for, the findings aren’t surprising: stress and bacteria types can cause tumors in the colon. Researchers were looking to see how bacteria in the intestines might contribute to (or outright cause) inflammation. Instead they discovered that stress-activated genes plus the right sort of bacteria can cause colon cancer, and skip over inflammation to do it!

Stress (and mental state) has pretty much always been known to have an impact on the body and overall well-being. And while this bumps the importance of gastrointestinal bacteria up a peg, study after study has already been showing that our natural bacterial colonies are critical to our health.

The good news is that you can take control of both these risk factors!

Start by fighting stress (it might even help nudge your gut bacteria in the right direction). Schedule time each day to unwind, problem solve, or to just zen out for a bit. If you have chronic stress or anxiety, start with simple solutions and escalate as needed. One step along the way might be natural mood support, like D.S.A. MGRx. Without side-effects or withdrawal issues, it helps to naturally support mood, allowing you to self-regulate how much support you need.

Then work to improve the quality of the bacteria in your gut. Antibiotics, stress, fevers, using a lot of harsh cleaners and other natural events can kill off our gut bacteria, letting in “bad” bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. Make sure that you’re replenishing your gut bacteria with a quality probiotic like Flora MGR, and choosing foods and activities that encourage the growth of good bacteria.

Vegetables like garlic and onion are considered prebiotics that support good bacteria. Exercise, de-stressing, and other activities you already know are good also help encourage good bacteria (which in turn will spur your body towards healthy activities!).

Nudge your health in the right direction with your daily choices. Support those choices with quality supplements like D.S.A. MGRx and Flora MGR.

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