Regardless of other risk factors, skipping breakfast is associated with an increased risk of a fatal heart attack or similar. Whether you’re a firm believer in a balanced breakfast or one of those who skip breakfast, this new research is good news; breakfast is an easy habit to pick up.

It’s easy to grab a banana, granola bar, or toast a bagel, and after a while you might even pick up fancier habits. Breakfast is also a good time to work in your daily multivitamin, so you start your day with a little energy and the nutrients you need.

The new study didn’t say why breakfast is so important. First, it only established correlation, not causation. Second, it didn’t look at what people were eating. And while the study controlled for as many factors as possible, some critics point out that skipping breakfast is often associated with other unhealthy lifestyle choices or circumstances. But, it’s not the only study to suggest that eating breakfast is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular events, so it’s probable safe to error on the side of eating breakfast!

What about intermittent fasting? As fasting has become a popular way to control weight and boost health, there may be those concerned about their hearts, given this study. The good news is that intentional fasting, done safely, isn’t necessarily the same as skipping breakfast out of haste or habit. Just to be on the safe side, the researchers suggested moving the fast up, and skipping dinner. (Bonus: it’s good not to go to bed with a heavy load to digest).

Adding breakfast to your day is a pretty easy way to support your health. Pair it with a daily multivitamin for nutritional support, and you can start your day with two easy steps to better living.


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