Liver Picture SideMost people underestimate the role their liver plays—it just silently aids digestion, cleans the blood, and deals with all the toxins you come into contact with.

The liver is about so much more than alcohol and hepatitis, although those can be major issues.

Whenever you come into contact with toxins (and even to some extent pathogens) the liver has to filter them. What that entails is a pretty long list:

-Chemicals from skin and hair products that are absorbed through the skin (and get into the bloodstream until the liver cleans them out).
-Chemicals you breathe in, from car pollution to things that you spray around your yard.
-Chemicals from the cleaning products you use around your house
-Chemicals that are left on the food you eat

I said chemicals instead of toxins because not everything is toxic, for instance, you can use less harmful cleaning chemicals—but your liver is still going to have to remove anything that gets absorbed!

Then there’s certain foods that are less than ideal, including processed sugar (and remember, “low fat” usually means high in sugar!). Rather than foods that cause inflammation, it’s good for your liver to focus on antioxidants (which support the liver, in addition to fighting free radicals!).

The little things can add up, then add in some big things: Hepatitis, body fat, alcohol, even cigarettes, and suddenly you can really see how hard your liver is working. The more major and minor things you have for your liver to handle, the faster that damage accumulates.

But, you can turn it around. The liver is designed for this, it just needs a little support!

-Studies keep finding that coffee supports liver health (maybe it’s all the antioxidants?)
-Drinking lots of water helps your whole body, as well as the organs that support detox (like your liver!)
-Read labels. Seek out the hidden chemicals in processed foods. Gauge how many toxins your hair and skin products are adding to your life. And be on the lookout for medications that tax your liver—prescriptions will have warnings, but you need to beware how many OTCs have acetaminophen in them (and too much acetaminophen, or Tylenol, is hard on your liver).
-Limit as many everyday toxins as you can, including the big things, like alcohol.
-Support your probiotics. A healthy probiotic colony helps get rid of some pathogens before they become your liver’s problem.
-Get liver support in the form of antioxidants and herbs known for their value to liver health in Liver MGR!

Good support is always two-fold, limiting the bad things, and adding in some good things. Targeted supplements like Liver MGR make sure there are enough nutrients to draw from for the body (and specific organs) to maintain good health, as well as adding in studied and tested supporting herbs (some of which used to be in our diet, but rarely are anymore).

Don’t undervalue your liver, give it the support it deserves with Liver MGR.

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