Man at SpaWomen get messages everyday about their health: breast cancer awareness, cervical cancer, even probiotics, which are good for everyone are pushed toward women. But men’s health is just as important!

First, you should know what symptoms to watch for as a man: increased or difficulty peeing, change in bowel movements (without a diet change), lumps, or any new chronic symptom are all different reasons to make doctor’s appointments.

Second, you may not get menopause, but it’s just as important to support your reproductive organs as you age. While there’s supplements that are nutritionally balanced to give targeted support, you can also take small daily steps like drinking enough water, eating healthy fats, and exercising.

Third, sleep! I’ve seen conflicting studies about who’s worse when it comes to getting enough sleep: men or women. Either way, sleep is an important way to help keep brain function as you age.

Finally, just because you aren’t being constantly reminded to do it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making regular appointments with your doctor. Talk about your heart, and talk about when to start, and how often to continue screenings for various diseases.

I’ll add just one more thing—you may not be as focused on which toiletries you use, but next time you’re out, spend 5 minutes reading labels. Eliminating extra toxins is just another thing you can do to support your health.

What concerns your health the most as a man?


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