Happy Senior CoupleDigestion, detoxification, hormones, metabolism… those are just four reasons you want a strong, healthy liver! It really is responsible for a lot!

But how do you take care of your liver? You can exercise your heart, feed your brain (food and knowledge), moisturize your skin, eat calcium for your bones…  but what does your liver want?

Antioxidants! Antioxidants, especially hepatoprotective antioxidants, meaning they protect the liver, help the liver to detox and repair itself. Silymarin is such an antioxidant, and can be found in milk thistle. While milk thistle is edible, it is probably easier to just take an antioxidant multivitamin, or even a liver themed multivitamin.

Your liver also wants a break. Even if you aren’t a heavy drinker, I have heard from many people, anecdotally, that taking a break from alcohol was a really easy way to do a cleanse. They felt it was a quick, short term boost to their health. Plus, most people will lose up to five pounds in the first week or two when they eliminate alcohol. It’s a quick way to slim down for special events.

If you want a bigger cleanse, you have to go to your food. Avoid artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other junk ingredients. You can add coffee to your diet, which has been shown to have a positive, protective effect on the liver.

You can power up your cleanse with a dietary supplement meant to aid your liver in cleansing out toxins, repairing and protecting itself.

You protect your heart and brain, so protect your liver too! Just give it a break periodically and feed it some powerful antioxidants!

Have you tried a liver cleanse, even just eliminating booze?


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