VitaminsThere are so many things on the list to improve your health: exercise more, eat more greens, eat less fried foods, drink more water, and a long list of teas, herbs, and other health supporting add-ons.

But there’s one thing you can do to support your overall health, and you barely have to lift a finger.

Take a really good multivitamin.

Even if you’re a couch potato, you can take a daily multivitamin and provide nutrients for your cells. (Not to say you should be a couch potato, but everyone has those days).

Some people complain that it’s hard to remember a daily vitamin regimen, especially if your schedule fluctuates (even if it’s just weekends). So here are some tips so you don’t miss that one basic step to good health:

If You’re Taking It With Food:

Find a cool, dry spot in the kitchen to keep those vitamins. If you don’t want to get a pill case (which are really handy!) you can try something cute or kitsch. Browse flea markets for a small bowl (like a small candy dish), try functional glass jars (the container stores carry them in small sizes), or use a shot glass (who doesn’t have some laying around as souvenirs or from your roaring twenties?)

Then start each meal (or whichever meal you eat at home most consistently) with taking out your vitamin(s), and set them next to your plate.


Keep them in a cool bathroom cabinet, and get in the habit of taking the when you brush your teeth (which, presumably, happens after at least two meals a day, right?).


Take them with a glass of water right before meals.

(Okay. I might have snuck some other good-health practices in there… but why not chain them together?).

If you need to take it without food…

Try your nightstand. First thing in the morning or last thing before bed are good times when you’re likely to be empty-tummied and you’ll be sure to cross paths with your vitamins.


Pair it with another habit—gum chewer? Mint Popper? Touch up your make-up midday? Whatever it is, take a vitamin with it. (Maybe just do it before you get in your car).

If all else fails, set an alarm on your phone.

How do you remember your vitamins?


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