Woman in ParkPostmenopausal breast cancer survivors has a 30% lower likelihood of breast cancer mortality when they took a multivitamin with minerals, according to new research. That’s a big number, so while a confirmation study is needed, it’s a safe bet there’s a benefit to supplementing.

Headlines seem to go back and forth on vitamin & mineral supplements, but that’s only because headlines claiming they’re ineffective are more attention grabbing. When everyone already knows you need a complete array of vitamins, exercise, sleep, etc. to be healthy, it’s the headline saying the opposite that stands out!

So while you may not be surprised that taking your vitamins and minerals will help improve the quality and quantity of your life, when you see these positive headlines remind yourself to take your vitamins today, go for a walk, get some sun, and go to bed early. Take care of yourself, because there’s lots of evidence that you’ll benefit from it!

And if you need to get started on taking your vitamins and minerals, check out Welltrient Trio: it’s a daily multivitamin, antioxidant, and heart supporting vitamin. No fillers, no preservatives, it’s all good stuff, and in higher quality than anything you’ll find at the store.

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