Margharitas at the BeachYour liver is a really hard working organ with HUNDREDS of functions. There’s a reason that, even though not ideal, we can do dialysis when our kidneys start to fail, but that we’re in big trouble when our livers go (although in some ways it’s sturdier). Your liver needs extra support!

Alcohol, over-the-counter medications, even some processed foods can really take a toll on our livers, and it all adds up over time. Plus, there’s diseases that target the liver, including hepatitis (and specifically, Hepatitis C).

In case you missed it, new research has turned over evidence that we need to broaden the groups we screen for Hepatitis C. If you associate it with sex and drugs, think again. Hepatitis C is a super virulent virus—it can survive for a long time outside the body and transfer in tiny amounts from micro cuts, including on toothbrushes, razors, and more. We knew that Baby Boomers had been exposed as a generation from medical practices from before we knew better, but it looks like even people in their twenties and thirties with no known risk factors should be screened, because a third of people with Hep C don’t know.

There’s a lot of pressures working over our liver. You might even flippantly joke about it when you refill your drink—but there’s a grain of truth to it, and there’s something you can do to support your liver health.

You can start with a daily multivitamin that’s specifically formulated with lots of antioxidants that support liver health and function, like Liver MGR. Liver MGR is formulated to support Glutathione production.

Or, if you’re really worried about how you’ve been caring (or not) for your liver, start with a liver-oriented detox like Liver DTX. This isn’t a cayenne water fast—it’s specially formulated with herbs and nutrients that support liver health and function, and you can use it as a daily supplement. It supports your liver as it does it’s job to detoxify the food you eat, and it uses a complimentary blend of the antioxidants best-known for supporting liver function to do it!

It’s never too early, or too late, to start supporting your liver health. Pick where you want to start, with major detox support or with daily production support, and get going today!

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