EnergyIf you’ve been feeling sluggish, spring weather and its accompanying activities can really highlight that fact. Energy levels can be affected by many things, so here’s a few tricks on how to get them higher, including which vitamins to take for energy:

1) Make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. Whether you don’t have the time or aren’t achieving a deep rest, sleep is the first thing to check when you’ve got low energy. 6-8 hours is the perfect window for optimal health—no matter your age.

Reduce light & noise in your bedroom, and if your mind is spinning with stress, try a meditation before bed (example: visually list your problems and put them in a drawer for the night—practice not thinking about them as they come up).

2) If you’re already sleeping like a baby, the next step is diet and exercise. Even adding 15 minutes of walking a day can help improve both fitness and energy levels. Food also has a dramatic effect on our every moment—eating healthy meals that are mostly light can dramatically increase energy levels.

Processed foods, heavily fatty meals (which can be ok on occasion), and a lack of all the right nutrients can slowly eat away at our energy, and that first week of getting back on a healthy diet can be a revelation!

3) Pair healthy eating with vitamins for energy. Most people can benefit from Vitamin B complex—the complete array of all B vitamins which work together not only to support your metabolism, but can make you feel more energetic. Depending on the person, a vitamin that supports thyroid health or weight loss can also help support energy levels.

4) Check for latent infections! If all of the above doesn’t work, it might be time to consider that something’s wrong. Many viruses can be slow acting, including Hepatitis C, and a mild bacterial infection might have the immune system fighting inflammation/fending off infection around the clock. (Support the immune system with colloidal silver!)

Then of course there’s parasites, which can be very difficult to diagnose. If you’re having low energy levels with no other explanation, checking for parasites (which are far more common than many people assume) might be a good idea before exploring more serious possibilities.

What do you do to boost your energy levels? Have you found favorite vitamins for energy? (I find that just remembering to take them makes me super energetic that day!)


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