Not Fun ExerciseA study out of CU Boulder has shown that if you have trouble exercising (or just exercising regularly), there’s one vitamin you really, really need in order to support your heart health: Vitamin C.

Like exercise, Vitamin C reduces endothelin-1 activity (in other words, exercise and Vitamin C both keep small blood vessels from constricting). The risk is greatest at night (in fact, most heart attacks happen at 3AM).

The more your heart needs help, or the more you weigh, the more you need the extra support of Vitamin C (and the more it works/benefits your heart health).

It’s important to note this is just one aspect of exercise that Vitamin C is comparable to. Exercise strengthens your heart muscle, helps you lose weight, and so many other things. But it might be hard to get that ball rolling—whether it’s just forming the daily habit, overcoming physical obstacles (like joint pain), and in those cases, a little extra help from Vitamin C can be really important.

Vitamin C can be found in fortified foods, fruits and vegetables (like pineapple, raspberries, oranges, and broccoli). If you need more (because you don’t eat processed/fortified foods, or you question the quality of the produce you’re getting), make sure you’re supplementing with a good daily multivitamin. Vitamin C is important for heart health, but that’s just the beginning—Vitamin C is important for skin health, bone health, and is an antioxidant.

Water-soluble, Vitamin C is use it or lose it. You need to be getting some everyday—a daily multivitamin is a good safety net to make sure that you never fall below what you need. Try Vita One, to get a good balance of easily digestible vitamins and minerals.

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