Grumpy Senior Man…Is no sleep. But insomnia, or very short nights, are actually still some sleep—truly getting no sleep is when your sleep is constantly interrupted. Even if you’re “sleeping” in bed for 9 hours, according to the brain patterns of study participants, you’re never reaching the deep sleep you desperately need to refresh your brain!

How do you avoid interrupted sleep?

It depends on what’s interrupting it. Start with things you can control—turn the volume off on your phone, and keep it out of the bedroom (a light as small as that little charging LED can interfere with melatonin production, and how well you stay asleep). Then look around for other sources of light, sound, and sleep disruption. You might not be waking up and thinking about them, but if you feel tired in the morning, they might be having an effect.

Do you need a melatonin boost? Try our Sleep Support pack. Whether you’re on your phone until you roll over, checking it all night long for updates on your favorite thing, or just struggle with sleeping well no matter what, give yourself

You might have a bigger problem if you’re grumpy, tired, and off—snoring. It could be something easy to fix, like mucus (grab our sinus flooding kit!), or it could be something major, like sleep apnea (good news is, there’s a tiny, tube free, effort free CPAP in development. So don’t be afraid to complete a sleep study).

If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, find times you can schedule even a short nap. Short sleep is better than interrupted sleep. But, both will not only be bad for your health (specifically your heart), they’ll be bad for your mood. And if you have interrupted sleep, it’s one steady, downhill decline.

If sleep doesn’t come easily, try these overall health tips: exercise in the morning, avoid caffeine after lunch, and create a consistent routine for yourself (to train your brain, and to support your circadian rhythm!).

And remember, sleep is about your whole body, although it has the most noticeable effect on your brain. Our Sleep Support Pack offers more than melatonin—it offers all the minerals and nutrients your body needs to perform those nightly processes.

Do you notice the change after a poor night’s sleep?


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