Thyroid gland illustrationResearch has been around for years that clues doctors into the importance of thyroid health: when the thyroid is out of balance, it has a noticeable effect on cardiovascular health, from an irregular heartbeat to other cardiovascular disease markers.

But new findings show that doctors need to make a bigger note of thyroid issues: having an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is linked with a four-fold increase in sudden cardiac death!

Unfortunately, thyroid issues are notoriously tricky. Healthy people don’t usually get their hormone levels checked (thyroid or otherwise), and “normal” is a pretty wide band. So when a patient suspects thyroid issues, it can be hard to tell if they’re really, truly off unless they’re extreme. And even if you can diagnose them as too much/too little, overdosing on thyroid hormones is a pretty big risk (this new study linking it with cardiac death just confirms that more), so doctors are reluctant to make a prescription that will alter thyroid levels.

Most will tell you to make sure that your personal care is in order, that you are following the basic tenets of good health like getting at least mild exercise daily, eating lots of vegetables (and not too much processed sugar), getting enough sleep and relaxing off stress.

Here’s something else you can do: support thyroid balance with supporting nutrients, like those found in Thyroid MGRx.

Thyroid MGRx has iodine from seaweed and other minerals, amino acids, and other herbs to help support the center of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid issues: the gland itself! (Thyroid MGRx is actually designed to nutritionally nourish and support the entire endocrine system, but the thyroid gland in particular).

It’s a more logical (and practical) approach to helping the body move past the myriad of health issues that stem from an unbalanced thyroid: support the thyroid itself! Try a new approach and order a bottle of Thyroid MGRx today.

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